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High quality essays written by financial experts are presented. Essays discuss the history of executive salaries and pay rates, current controversies related to business executives who appear to be overpaid, and various organizational theories about the appropriate pay rates for business leaders.

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Comments on Pay without Performance.

Journal of Corporation Law

The article comments on the arguments presented in the book "Pay Without Performance: The Unfulfilled Promise of Executive Compensation," by Lucian... READ MORE »

How to Make Pay for Performance Pay Off.

Journal of Financial Service Professionals

This article discusses the best way to set up an offer of extra incentive pay to employees to meet certain deadlines or goals. Companies that engage... READ MORE »

Are They Worthy?

Newsweek (Atlantic Edition)

The article reports that executive pay matches executive performance, even at rates 431 times that of the average worker. Governments are responding... READ MORE »

Executive Compensation at Fannie Mae: A Case Study of Perverse Incentives, Nonperformance Pay, and Camouflage.

Journal of Corporation Law

The article examines issues on executive compensation at Fannie Mae in the United States, focusing perverse incentives, nonperformance pay and... READ MORE »

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