December 2016
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  • Choosing the right antibody for resistin-like molecule (RELM/FIZZ) family members. Fan, Chunling; Johns, Brian; Su, Qingning; Kolosova, Irina; Johns, Roger // Histochemistry & Cell Biology;Apr2013, Vol. 139 Issue 4, p605 

    The family of resistin-like molecules (RELM), also known as found in inflammatory zone (FIZZ), consists of four members in mouse (RELMα/FIZZ1/HIMF, RELMβ/FIZZ2, Resistin/FIZZ3, and RELMγ/FIZZ4) and two members in human (resistin and RELMβ). The importance of these proteins in many...

  • The membranotropic activity of N-terminal peptides from the pore-forming proteins sticholysin I and II is modulated by hydrophobic and electrostatic interactions as well as lipid composition. Ros, Uris; Pedrera, Lohans; Díaz, Daylín; Karam, Juan; Sudbrack, Tatiane; Valiente, Pedro; Martínez, Diana; Cilli, Eduardo; Pazos, Fabiola; Itri, Rosangela; Lanio, Maria; Schreier, Shirley; Álvarez, Carlos // Journal of Biosciences;Dec2011, Vol. 36 Issue 5, p781 

    The sea anemone Stichodactyla helianthus produces two pore-forming proteins, sticholysins I and II (St I and St II). Despite their high identity (93%), these toxins exhibit differences in hemolytic activity that can be related to those found in their N-terminal. To clarify the contribution of...

  • The In Vivo Fibrotic Role of FIZZ1 in Pulmonary Fibrosis. Liu, Tianju; Yu, Hongfeng; Ullenbruch, Matthew; Jin, Hong; Ito, Toshihiro; Wu, Zhe; Liu, Jianhua; Phan, Sem H. // PLoS ONE;Feb2014, Vol. 9 Issue 2, p1 

    FIZZ (found in inflammatory zone) 1, a member of a cysteine-rich secreted protein family, is highly induced in lung allergic inflammation and bleomycin induced lung fibrosis, and primarily expressed by airway and type II alveolar epithelial cells. This novel mediator is known to stimulate...

  • Environmental Factors Determining the Epidemiology and Population Genetic Structure of the Bacillus cereus Group in the Field. Raymond, Ben; Wyres, Kelly L.; Sheppard, Samuel K.; Ellis, Richard J.; Bonsall, Michael B. // PLoS Pathogens;May2010, Vol. 6 Issue 5, p1 

    Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) and its insecticidal toxins are widely exploited in microbial biopesticides and genetically modified crops. Its population biology is, however, poorly understood. Important issues for the safe, sustainable exploitation of Bt include understanding how selection...

  • Website of the week.  // Daily Mail;12/27/2012, p55 

    IF YOU'RE looking for well-priced but high-quality wines to make your party fizz, try nakedwines.com. It strips out the middleman, passing on savings of at least 25pc. It also has great customer reviews, regular deals on cases, and expert suggestions.

  • Cholera- and Anthrax-Like Toxins Are among Several New ADP-Ribosyltransferases. Fieldhouse, Robert J.; Turgeon, Zachari; White, Dawn; Merrill, A. Rod // PLoS Computational Biology;Dec2010, Vol. 6 Issue 12, p1 

    Chelt, a cholera-like toxin from Vibrio cholerae, and Certhrax, an anthrax-like toxin from Bacillus cereus, are among six new bacterial protein toxins we identified and characterized using in silico and cell-based techniques. We also uncovered medically relevant toxins from Mycobacterium avium...

  • Send us your nativity snaps.  // Daily Mail;12/4/2014, p17 

    TO HELP celebrate traditional nativity plays, we're launching a competition for the best photos of your little darlings on stage. Send pictures by email to nativity@dailymail.co.uk together with contact details. A bottle of festive fizz for every one we publish.

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    IT is considerably more expensive than your average 99 ice cream … but it could leave you fizzing with delight.

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    LAST MINUTE FIZZ GUIDE JILLY GOOLDEN selects the best prosecco for your party PAGE 44


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