The Time Resolution of a Vacuum Fission Chamber

Chuklyaev, S. V.; Pepelyshev, Yu. N.
November 2003
Instruments & Experimental Techniques;Nov/Dec2003, Vol. 46 Issue 6, p748
Academic Journal
The process of the formation of a signal by a vacuum fission chamber (VFC) under the irradiation by a short-duration pulsed neutron flux is considered for the first time. It is shown that the collection time of charge carriers in the VFC with plane–parallel electrodes does not exceed 0.4 ns at a supply voltage of >100 V and that the square of the VFC pulse width is inversely proportional to the supply voltage. The minimum detectable flux densities for fast and thermal neutrons are estimated at 5 × 1010 and 108 cm–2 s–1, respectively, at a noise current of 10–3 A for the electronic equipment.


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