Chemical Constituents of the Essential Oil of Nepeta daenensis Boiss

Sajjadi, Seyed Ebrahim; Mehregan, Iraj
September 2005
Journal of Essential Oil Research;Sep2005, Vol. 17 Issue 5, p563
Academic Journal
The constituents of the essential oil obtained by hydrodistillation of Nepeta daenensis Boiss. were investigated by GC and GC/MS analysis. Twenty-three constituents were identified. β-Caryophyllene (27.1%), α-pinene (14.5%), germacrene D (11.4%), bicyclogermacrene (9.6%), bicycloelemene (8.1%), myrcene (5.6%) and caryophylene oxide (2.8%) were found to be the major constituents of the oil.


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