Ferroelectricity and antiferroelectricity in CuCrO-type multiferroic semiconductors

Pikin, S.
July 2014
Crystallography Reports;Jul2014, Vol. 59 Issue 4, p542
Academic Journal
Multiferroic semiconductors of the CuCrO type are considered. These materials, in the presence of free charge carriers, allow for the existence of opposite domains (in the ferroelectric FE phase), along with ordinary 180° domains (in the FE phase). The magnetization phase transition in a chiral multiferroic, allowing for piezoelectric effects in an antiferromagnet with a layered triangular structure which result in an incommensurate (helicoidal) spin structure, is phenomenologically described. The behavior of the ferroelectric polarization in the considered phases is characterized. The antiferroelectric is considered a system of parallel layers alternating in chirality sign with oppositely directed polarization vectors. The possibility of antiferroelectric phase transition due to the specific features of the dipole-dipole interaction is discussed.


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