A simple method for construction of artificial microRNA vector in plant

Li, Yang; Zhao, Sunping; Zhong, Sheng; Wang, Zhaohai; Ding, Bo; Li, Yangsheng
October 2014
Biotechnology Letters;Oct2014, Vol. 36 Issue 10, p2117
Academic Journal
Artificial microRNA (amiRNA) is a powerful tool for silencing genes in many plant species. Here we provide an easy method to construct amiRNA vectors that reinvents the Golden Gate cloning approach and features a novel system called top speed amiRNA construction (TAC). This speedy approach accomplishes one restriction-ligation step in only 5 min, allowing easy and high-throughput vector construction. Three primers were annealed to be a specific adaptor, then digested and ligated on our novel vector pTAC. Importantly, this method allows the recombined amiRNA constructs to maintain the precursor of osa-miR528 with exception of the desired amiRNA/amiRNA* sequences. Using this method, our results showed the expected decrease of targeted genes in Nicotiana benthamiana and Oryza sativa.


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