Group theoretical analysis of the Hartree–Fock–Bogoliubov equation. II.The case of the electronic system with tricrinic lattice symmetry

Ozaki, Masa-aki
July 1985
Journal of Mathematical Physics;Jul85, Vol. 26 Issue 7, p1521
Academic Journal
This paper describes a group theoretical classification of the temperature—Hartree-FockBogoliubov (HFB) equation in a crystalline solid system and the electronic state of the system. It is shown that the state with a single-order parameter (charge density wave, spin density wave, etc.) is classified into 47 classes and the BCS state coexistent with other nonsuperconducting orders, such as magnetic superconductors, is classified into 26 classes. The standard HFB Hamiltonian for each class is obtained. It is found that in each of above coexistence states (except BCS + ferromagnetism) an abnormal Cooper pair occurs.


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