Improved Correction Localization Algorithm Based on Dynamic Weighted Centroid for Wireless Sensor Networks

Xuejiao Chen; Pan Wang
August 2014
Sensors & Transducers (1726-5479);Aug2014, Vol. 176 Issue 8, p134
Academic Journal
For wireless sensor network applications that require location information for sensor nodes, locations of nodes can be estimated by a number of localization algorithms. However, precise location information may be unavailable due to the constraint in energy, computation, or terrain. An improved correction localization algorithm based on dynamic weighted centroid for wireless sensor networks was proposed in this paper. The idea is that each anchor node computes its position error through its neighbor anchor nodes in its range, the position error will be transform to distance error, according the distance between unknown node and anchor node and the anchor node's distance error, the dynamic weighted value will be computed. For each unknown node, it can use the coordinate of anchor node in its range and the dynamic weighted value to compute it's coordinate. Simulation results show that the localization accuracy of the proposed algorithm is better than the traditional centroid localization algorithm and weighted centroid localization algorithm, the position error of three algorithms is decreased along radius increasing, where the decreased trend of our algorithm is significant.


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