Endangered Species

High quality essays written by experts on endangered species are presented. Essays discuss the number of enangered species worldwide, efforts to protect endangered organisms, and factors which cause a species to become endangered. Major terms and definitions related to endangered species are also presented.

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Delays in Endangered Species Act Protections Lead to Extinctions.

Earth Island Journal

Deals with the impact of the delay in implementing the Endangered Species Act (ESA) by the U.S. government on endangered animals and plants as of... READ MORE »


Scholastic SuperScience

Reports on the disappearing of land suitable for grizzly bears, an endangered specie. READ MORE »

Endangered domestic waterfowl.

Countryside & Small Stock Journal

Provides information on species of domestic ducks and geese that are considered endangered. READ MORE »


Science World

The article focuses on the efforts of scientists to study snow leopards, an endangered species. READ MORE »

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