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High quality essays written by experts on intelligent design and biology are presented. Essays discuss the history of Darwinism and the intelligent design movements, the reasons scientific support for darwinism and intelligent design, and key words and definitions related to these movements.

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Journal of Psychology & Christianity

Reviews the book 'Intelligent Design, the Bridge Between Science and Theology,' by William A. Dembski. READ MORE »

One Nation, Under... The Watchmaker?: Intelligent Design and the Establishment Clause.

BYU Journal of Public Law

The article examines the constitutionality of teaching the Intelligent Design hypothesis in public schools in the U.S. The Intelligent Design... READ MORE »

Politically Incorrect Series Takes on Darwinism.

Human Events

The article reviews the book "Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design," by Jonathan Wells. READ MORE »

Intelligent design theory belongs in the science classroom.

National Catholic Reporter

Focuses on the stands of the author about the issue of introducing intelligent design in public schools in the U.S. Assertion that intelligent design... READ MORE »

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